I Was on the Pagan-Musings Podcast

Here’s the archive of my appearance on the Pagan-Musings Podcast. It’s very off-the-cuff! This is probably is the closest to how I am IRL that I’ve heard on a podcast because I was so relaxed. Enjoy! Author Diane Morrison, aka Sable Aradia, returns to the show to talk fiction and nonfiction. She’s been hard at […]

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3D Printed Live Bacteria Creates World’s First “Living Tattoo”

By Rich Haridy A team at MIT has genetically modified bacteria cells and developed a new 3D printing technique to create a “living tattoo” that can respond to a variety of stimuli. Electronic tattoos and smart ink technologies are showing exciting potential for reframing how we think of wearable sensor devices. While many engineers are experimenting with a variety […]

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History of the SFWA

Cat is writing a series of articles about the SFWA and the relationship of indie writers to the organization.  I am reblogging it here because I know that other SFF indie authors will want to know! By Cat Rambo, current President of the SFWA As part of a Twitter conversation, one of my favorite gamewriters, […]

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Happy Solstice!

Blessed Solstice to all of you who choose to celebrate, and may the next year bring you all the joy of your heart! If you want to listen to some Yule music that my friends and I made, here you go! Otherwise, enjoy this clip of the Harry Potter Yule Ball music:

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Show Don’t Tell

By Mandy Wallace So I’m working on this short story I started for some Glimmer Train contest or other. But it grew like a weed all unwieldy, and now it’s burst through its word count limit and its deadline. And I wish that was this story’s biggest problem. Its biggest problem is that I’m still struggling to balance ye old show versus […]

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