What’s Current in Sci-Fi?

I got into a discussion with a friend on Facebook who wanted to know what was current in Sci-fi.  This is what I said at the time.  Understand that this is an excerpt from a casual discussion, not a researched article, and as such should be looked at as a blurb of general interest only, […]

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Thank You!

Yesterday Showdown peaked at #2 in Sci-fi Westerns, #4 in Science Fiction/Fantasy One-Hour Reads, and #12 in Literature and Fiction One-Hour Reads on Amazon!  I just want to thank you for all the support!  You can still get Showdown free until June 16! Or, if you don’t like Amazon or want to read it on […]

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Strange Animal Group Names

As a writer, I suppose it’s no surprise that I like playing word games.  I scored 9 out of 15 on this quiz; can you beat my score?  The average is, apparently, 6 out of 15.  Mostly I played it because I wanted to know what a group of fireflies was called. Take the quiz […]

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Is Pulp Fiction Making a Comeback?

It seems that I’ve been hearing an awful lot about pulp fiction, especially pulp sci-fi, recently!  All of a sudden it’s like everyone’s talking about it!  As I’ve mentioned, I’m doing some writing for the Tales of the Stellar Deep RPG, which is clearly rooted in pulp sci-fi and horror. All of a sudden people […]

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