Cooking During the Apocalypse

What a great article! Are your cooking skills up to the Apocalypse?
Good Morning / Evening / Afternoon, wherever you are in the world I hope it’s good.
In Book 1 of “Welcome to the Apocalypse – Pandora”, there are two game presenters who instruct the players on items to hunt and gather in order to survive each apocalypse. Most of the items are self-explanatory, dried foods, tinned foods, packaged foods, but what sort of meals would you likely be eating during any sort of apocalypse? I thought I’d put together a simple meal planner for the typical apocalyptic week. Most of these techniques were passed down from my mother and passed down to her from her mother. And it might be because I go camping, that I still rely on many of these techniques, because I just can’t take everything in the kitchen with me.
It also makes me wonder that if humans lose the practice of handing down practical tips, and the skills of bare essential cooking who will be the survivors of the apocalypse?
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