We Are All Allies

By Dan Koboldt

IKoboldtn some ways, publishing is a zero-sum game. There are only so many slots in the schedule of traditional publishers. Only ten books can occupy the top ten list, and only one can win the Hugo. Yet the most dangerous and pervasive threat to the aspiring author is not another author, nor is it a big bad publisher. Nor is it a certain online store. No, the biggest threat is the ever-shrinking reading time the average person has in our modern world.

Books once enjoyed very little competition in this arena. Now, time that was once given over to reading is spent on the internet, on social media, on Netflix. The geek who used to read forty hours a week now spends them playing Dragon Age. That’s why authors need to band together: to remind the world of the importance of books. To get them to choose reading over skimming and streaming. Mark my words, fellow authors, we will live or die by our ability to do so.

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12 Book Marketing Tips from 12 Industry Experts

By Francesca Devin

Bridging a story between the creator and the reader is as spry as writing and publishing. Marketers find ways for readers to reach new means for wisdom, spur, and escape through virtually bound stories. Although major publications do that for you, there are less-observed gems in the outskirts of the internet heeding to be published. This is where indie marketing comes in.

Amidst all the know-hows you may find, we’ve hand-picked exceptional ones that make instant impact. Here are 12 clever tips from some of the finest names in the book marketing arena. Pens ready?

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Which Social Media Channel Sells The Most Books?

#30days30authors The answer might surprise you!  It surprised me!

By Rachel Thompson

“Which one social media channel will net me the most book sales?” an author asked me recently during my weekly #BookMarketingChat (join any Wednesday on Twitter, 6pm pst/9pm est simply by typing in the hashtag).

Well, it’s not that easy. Wouldn’t it be great if we could just go to say, Facebook, because that’s the EASY button, and violá! They will come, we will sell, and yacht-life, here we come. Alas, it just doesn’t work that way because well, a few reasons.

Let’s deconstruct.

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