Why Spice Is a Staple of Science Fiction

By Abbey White One of science fiction’s most famous food tropes, spice often exists as something outside its everyday culinary use. Whether a deadly, interstellar travel enhancer in Frank Herbert’s Dune, a magical form of seduction in Chitra Banerjee Divakaruni’s The Mistress of Spices, a drug in George Lucas’s Star Wars or currency in EA Games sci-fi simulation Spore, across mediums […]

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History of the SFWA

Cat is writing a series of articles about the SFWA and the relationship of indie writers to the organization.  I am reblogging it here because I know that other SFF indie authors will want to know! By Cat Rambo, current President of the SFWA As part of a Twitter conversation, one of my favorite gamewriters, […]

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Humanitarian Hero Honoured in Google Doodle

A man known for exploring vast uncharted territories was the unlikely creator of a document that first allowed great numbers of stateless people to travel across international borders. Today, in honor of his 156th birthday, the Google doodle is a celebration of Fridtjof Nansen—scientist, champion skier, Arctic explorer, oceanographer, and humanitarian. Read the full article at Quartz.

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