“Writing is Fractal” – Mary Robinette Kowal’s Guide to Flash Fiction

Want to create fiction on the fly? Haven’t finished anything in years? Mary Robinette Kowal @MaryRobinette, Hugo and Nebula-winning SFF author, has a wonderful method of story construction she recently tweeted about. Check it out! Writing is fractal – Once you understand how a technique works at a paragraph level, you can scale down to […]

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Why Flash Fiction is a Scam

It’s the latest trend in all the spec fic magazines.  Flash fiction!  Write a short story that’s anywhere from a hundred words to the upper limit of a thousand words or less.  Check it out!  More stories in one issue!  Isn’t that spectacular? Except that it isn’t.  It’s really a scam by magazine publishers.  It’s […]

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