Amazon Ebook Reviews Are US Biased

By Derek Haines Why are Amazon ebook reviews from US readers more important than reviews from international readers? Have you noticed that reviews from are aggregated across all other international Amazon sites, but that the reverse is not true? If someone kindly posts a review of a book on, it is stuck there, and […]

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How Amazon Search Really Works

This post takes a deep dive into how Amazon’s search engine works. We’ll touch on information-theory concepts, and aim to use as little technical jargon as possible. If it’s all a bit much, skip to the end to read the summary of takeaways to help you choose and optimize keywords for your book. Note: ‘keyword’ […]

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An Experiment in Amazon Sales Rank

Amazon is the most powerful online retailer in the world. Although books are just part of their business model, they dominant the literary sector. Around 70% of e-book sales in the United States happen on Every title in the store has a “Best Sellers Rank” (also called Sales Rank) reflecting how well it’s selling relative to the […]

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