The 30 authors of the 30 day challenge… Meet them all here!!!

Mercedes Prunty Author


I’m slowly getting to grips with this challenge, how it all works, cross promoting others work and finally (I know it’s late) getting to know Twitter and use it better (Gosh I know, never thought that would happen lol) but what I thought would be great would be to have all the 30 authors names and author fan pages in one place (Easy for me to find but also easy for you guys to find them and read their works if you fancy reading something new from an author you probably wouldn’t really know before).

So let’s start it off with the woman who created the assignments and the leader of all things 30 authors…

  1. Lucina Moebius –
  2. Morgan Smith –
  3. Author Gibson –
  4. Greg Alldredge –
  5. Mark McQuillen –
  6. Jason Nugent –
  7. Assaph Mehr –
  8. Merri Prudich Halma –
  9. Ryan Batla –…

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30 Days, 30 Authors

#30days30authors Over the next 30 Days, I will be participating in a challenge!  30 authors have joined forces to tell our readers a bit more about ourselves and each other.  You’ll find different posts about different subjects here (not all spam about my books, don’t worry!) and on all my social media accounts (see the […]

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