Is the Brain Multi-dimensional?

Originally posted on Physics and Art:
Neuroscientists have discovered that the brain contains multi-dimensional geometric structures, up to 11 dimensions. The scientists are talking about algebraic topology, and how it describes neurons connecting into ‘cliques’, and that the description requires higher-dimensional geometric objects. This is a mathematical concept, and they are not claiming to have measured…

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Are We Looking for Aliens in All the Wrong Ways?

A thought-provoking article worth considering.  Some of their data isn’t quite up to date, but this doesn’t hurt the article’s ideas or sentiments; though the simple answer for why we’re not doing all this is not that the points aren’t valid, and that some of these speculations may well be correct, but we’re literally looking for a needle in a cosmic haystack, and we have to start somewhere.

Article: Are We Looking for Aliens in All the Wrong Ways? from the blog Starts with a Bang, courtesy of Forbes Magazine.

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A Good Writing Vlog: Jenna Moreci

It’s hard to find good advice about writing.  A lot of people do vlogs about it, but in my opinion, they either seem to be amateurs who are more interested in discussing the social issues around writing than the writing process itself (which is important, and something I’m interested in, but I wish they would title the video “Why it’s Important to Write Believable Female Characters” if that’s what they want to talk about, instead of “Writing Female Characters,” for example); or they seem to be university professors who have recorded a very long and very boring lecture.  I don’t have time for long and boring lectures, and I doubt you do either; I get little enough time to do good fiction writing in my daily life as it is!

But I’ve found at least one channel that I actively subscribe to, and that’s Jenna Moreci.  She’s insightful and funny, and she cuts out the extended “ums.”  She’s a self-published teen fiction author and she talks about the nuts and bolts of writing primarily as a method of building her audience.  Not that I think this is a bad thing.  Her videos are only a few minutes long and make their relevant points with a sarcastic wit that I really enjoy.  Here’s one of my favourites.  It’s funny because it’s true.

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