The Medieval Agricultural Year

By Rachel Hartman #30days30authors I grew up in the Middle Ages. Well, not the Middle Ages exactly, but in Kentucky, which is close, and with a father who believed that if you didn’t have garden soil under your nails, you just weren’t working hard enough. We lived in the middle of town, but he was […]

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Quest for Fire

#30days30authors #amwritingfantasy Excellent article by Cindy Tomamichel reminding those of us who write fantasy or historical fiction that central heating and range stoves just weren’t a thing for our ancestors, and making fire wasn’t as easy as flipping a switch. Reading is easy. We sit in a comfortable chair, perhaps by a warm heater with cat […]

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Book Review: Chasing Fireflies

#30days30authors Chasing Fireflies: A Summer Romance Anthology by C.L. Cannon My rating: 5 of 5 stars Just to be transparent, I am one of the authors of this work. I wrote the last story that appears, Eye of the Storm, and my review does not apply to my story, because that would be ridiculous. But […]

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Writing Horses Right

Here’s a few links to a series of articles about getting horses right in fantasy & historical fiction.  But they are somewhat oversimplifications: I also highly recommend the Wikipedia article on coat colour in horses, and following up on the specific articles on coat colours that interest you.  Through this, I learned that Lightning, my […]

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