Tidbits from a Pseudo-Medieval Kitchen

By Jeanette Ng Well described meals can add a lot of flavour to one’s world building. I have clear memories of salivating over the banquets described in Brian Jacques’ Redwall books. Suzanne Collins’ Hunger Games has meticulously described food, especially in with each district having its own distinctive bread. I love writing about food almost […]

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Science Fiction & Fantasy Mashups

Science fiction and fantasy, in my experience, are rarely all one thing.  Sometimes – often! – SFF blends elements of other genres of fiction into it.  For instance, I think just about every Philip K. Dick novel I’ve read is either transgressive fiction or a detective/crime novel. Sometimes those elements seem so weird that not […]

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Single- and Double-Action Revolvers

I love Lindybeige’s channel; he’s got a lot of practical how-tos and whys for writers of adventure stories and historical fiction. Here’s a practical guide to revolvers, thoroughly dispelling a lot of spaghetti western myths. I’ll just put in that in the Wyrd West, a lot of legendary old firearms have been modified by gnomes […]

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Poisons in SF & Fantasy

This article is part of the Science in Sci-fi, Fact in Fantasy blog series. Each week, we tackle one of the scientific or technological concepts pervasive in sci-fi (space travel, genetic engineering, artificial intelligence, etc.) with input from an expert. Please join the mailing list to be notified every time new content is posted. About the Expert Since getting her Ph.D. in Toxicology in […]

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