Sports in the Wild West

Matt Braun, one of the most significant names in Western fiction, gives us a rundown of what competitive sports were like in the Wild West! By Matt Braun You mention the word “sports” in the same breath with the “Old West,” most people will give you a blank stare. Yet sports were as much a […]

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Rethinking the Blog

Hey everyone, I’m doing an audit of my time versus return for my effort, and I’m beginning to rethink this blog. For more than a year now, I have published something every single day. I tend to share other articles more than writing my own, but I made a commitment to post daily, and consistently, […]

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Evolution, the Ice Age, and Mother’s Milk

By Leslea Hlusko As biologists explore the variation across the genomes of living people, they’ve found evidence of evolution at work. Particular variants of genes increase or decrease in populations through time. Sometimes this happens by chance. Other times these changes in frequency result from the gene’s helping or hindering individuals’ survival, a phenomenon known as […]

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Tidbits from a Pseudo-Medieval Kitchen

By Jeanette Ng Well described meals can add a lot of flavour to one’s world building. I have clear memories of salivating over the banquets described in Brian Jacques’ Redwall books. Suzanne Collins’ Hunger Games has meticulously described food, especially in with each district having its own distinctive bread. I love writing about food almost […]

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