Wormholes & Portals — Toy Soldier Saga

Wormholes When interstellar Airts form a strong enough connection between one star system and another, it becomes possible for a Star-Pilot in contact with a starfaring engine to fold space. The link between the two is called a wormhole. Wormholes make interstellar travel possible.  Portals Portals are the openings to wormholes. Unlike Airts, they are visible to the naked eye […]

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Airts – Toy Soldier Saga

THE CURRENTS OF THE ENERGIES OF RAW CREATION: TIME, SPACE, GRAVITY & MAGIC. “Tell us about your theory of magic.” Narissa takes a deep breath. “All things exist as potentialities before they become matter. Magic harnesses the energies of those potentialities to create a desired effect. But each time there is a choice to be […]

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