My Inspiration for Tilde – Pressure in Education and the Nuclear Family

Sailing Ocelot Studios

Tilde is a playable character in my visual novel code named Sea Hears Project. Patrons can currently play through her prologue, and will have access to chapter one during the beginning of September.

Tilde’s story begins in a country called Edgard, which has strict laws on magic users called magi. All magi must leave the country before the age of 12, to study for an exam 6 years later. The exam only allows for one attempt, and is taken during their last academic year.

If the students pass, they may return to their home country. If they fail, they may never return to Edgard, due to ‘safety’ issues. This brings a great deal of pressure onto the students.

As the player, you can choose how much Tilde studies and prioritises her grades. It is not possible to explore the main arc, the character arc, friendships, social clubs and achieve high…

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