My Experience Participating in Game of Tomes & Tourney of Tomes

Sailing Ocelot shares her experience with the Game of Tomes! Come check us out for our imminent event in July! All info at

Sailing Ocelot Studios

It wasn’t long after I first joined the Twitch community, that I discovered the platform was an excellent place for writers and worldbuilders to connect. As someone whose primary goal is to complete and publish a visual novel, following certain Twitch channels has helped me stay motivated, and also have given me an exciting opportunity to share my own progress.

I stumbled upon the Game of Tomes event last November, and decided to participate as a mercenary. My experience in joining this event and its sister event, Tourney of Tales was a very positive and enlightening one. It was the breakthrough I needed to realise that Twitch was a great way for me to engage with an active, online writer community, and to receive essential feedback of my work.

What is Game of Tomes?

Essentially, it is a writing competition broken down into teams of writers, which are called Houses…

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