Coming Together in the Time of the Plague

Hello friends. These sure are strange times, aren’t they? I won’t lie; I’m a little scared, and I don’t blame you if you are too.

It seems to me that we’re in one of those times that nobody with a modicum of wisdom hopes to ever see. It’s like a world war, or a world depression, or maybe all of that at once.

People in these times, as any writer knows, are put to the gravest test. Do we come together, or tear ourselves apart?

I choose to try to come together.

It looks like we might all be practicing our social distancing and staying at home for some time. So internet community is where we have to come together.

I’m opening up my Discord server for the nonce so we can do that. I’m extending you an invitation to come and talk. Yes, you. Come and share your stories, your fears, or even a good laugh, because gods know we could all use one.

I might even get an online game going on the server to give us something to do, if there’s enough interest. I’m testing out some game systems in my Toy Soldier Saga world; this might be a good way to playtest some things, and it would certainly give us something to do together that doesn’t involve being together in person.

Either way, stay strong, friends. We’re going to get through this.

Love to everyone in these trying times.

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