Diane Morrison

Maybe Not a Nebula (Yet,) but Consider Me (and Others) for an Aurora?

A.K.A. What I’ve Done This Year in Writing

You maybe haven’t heard of me (yet.) I’m just getting started. I’m a neo-pro with a couple of pro-sales under my belt, not enough to be a full SFWA member yet (c’mon someone, just buy ONE more story!) But I’m out there. I’m a working-class writer, working hard. More than that, I’ve been working with amazing people who have been working hard. If you’re reading for awards, here’s a couple of things you might consider putting on your list for 2019:

Gunsmoke & Dragonfire: A Fantasy Western Anthology

In March 2019, I published my first anthology. I put a call out on The Grinder and got an amazing cross-section of awesome writers, from indies to established, pro, award-winning, and brand-new writers! I even got a reprint from NYT bestseller Diana Paxson! But there were a lot of originals too, and I really think they deserve your attention. In particular:

“The World’s More Full of Weeping” in Cities of Dust, Planes of Light

I felt like a got an upgrade in my pay grade when my story was accepted into this lovely little science fantasy anthology, featuring all these amazing award-winning authors! It was published in January. My story is a tale of grief, the complicated love between parent and child, and deciding what’s most important in life. I don’t think it’s Aurora-eligible because it was only published in the United States.

Once Upon a Time in the Wyrd West

In December 2018 (so still eligible for most 2019 awards) I published my debut novel. (So, I’m a new writer, could be considered for the Campbell, just sayin’…) I’m Canadian so it’s Aurora-eligible too. It’s hard to plug your own work, especially for awards, because who the hell am I? But I’m pretty confident about this one because I’ve been getting amazing critical reviews. Cat Rambo, World Fantasy Award-winner and multiple award nominee, blurbed it for me, and I got an awesome review from On Spec Magazine. Maybe best of all, even though it was turned down for serialization in DreamForge Magazine, Scot Noel sent me the world’s record best rejection letter and said he immediately went out and bought the book. It’s a steampunk weird western with fantasy elements that takes place in a post-apocalyptic Saskatchewan. It’s about loyalty, bravery, family and community. You can see some of its reviews here.

I’ve tried to make it easy; if you’re reading for review, just click on any of the titles for a FREE download. And thanks for considering me!