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The stars are almost completely blotted out of their view in the branches of the Great Tree the Telasian System elves called Yggdrasil’s Sprout. Each leaf is as large as a small moon. For the first time, it occurs to her to wonder about the astrophysics of it all. Is it the enormous tree that makes gravity on the tiny world of Peridot seem Telasian-normal? Or is there some magic of the Airts of which she is unaware?

Homefront by Diane Morrison

Trees of Life are a naturally-occurring starfaring species of plant that navigate the Airts as a normal part of their reproductive cycle.  They are often so vast that they become literal words of their own. Because these mysterious trees manipulate the Airts (and therefore, gravity) they provide sufficient gravity to sustain populations and in some cases ecosystems, with a fully functioning atmosphere created by the Tree’s off-gasses.Trees of Life produce the coveted Starseeds, which were the first form of space travel, and which the elves still use as their exclusive spaceships. Starseed ships are classified by size (ship class,) which is determined by the point in their cycle at which they were harvested. Starseed ships can range from a tiny pinnace to an enormous dreadnaught.Trees of Life also spin in space, just like any other planetary body. They have a peculiar quality that no matter how far away they are from a system’s sun, their natural feeding cycle produces enough light to create a normal day cycle on the side that the sun is currently facing, and enough natural heat of their own to sustain life. Indeed, it’s almost as if the Divine designed them for this purpose. Also by some unique twist, believed to be a side effect of their natural Airt manipulation, smaller “worlds” on the outer edges of a Tree of Life’s branches or roots do not see the tree’s limbs or trunk in their night sky. This, however, is not true of “worlds” or settlements located within the branch or root structures.Many significant locations in the Known Worlds are Trees of Life, including Yggdrasil’s SproutGreenwood, and Trinhea.

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