Chelsea Eckert on On Writing Anthropomorphic Animal Characters (For Adults)

From Cat Rambo’s blog:

As someone who works deeply in the zoo/conservation industries and spends a lot of time pretending to be a tiger at conventions around the country, you might say I’m enthusiastic about animals.

You’d be wrong, of course.

I’m zealous in my love for them. If I could be a little shield-carrying furry paladin, I would. (In fact, I play one in a homebrewed Dungeons and Dragons campaign.) I could go on and on about the why—because as an autistic person I relate to critters more, because there’s always something new to discover about ‘em, because they’re just badass—but the point is this…

I love writing about them. I love reading about them, especially in fictional settings. Whether they live in a Society™ or still bolt from men with guns, they’re fascinating. Yet I’ve found that most “talking animal” tales out there are for kiddos. Y’know: RedwallPeter Rabbit, and the like.

Read the whole article on Cat Rambo’s Website.

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