Book Review: We Are Mars by Cheryl Lawson

We Are Mars (The Rubicon Saga #1)We Are Mars by Cheryl Lawson
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

When you read indie fiction, you often don’t know what you’re going to get. I exchanged books with Cheryl Lawson, a Kamloops writer, at a local comic con we both attended. I’ve made it a point to read a bit more indie fiction this year, despite the various reading challenges I’m doing (which, on that site, focus on traditionally-published books.) And I want to say on the outset that I really enjoyed this book! It’s a great story, the plot is absorbing, the characters are complex people that you quickly come to care about, and I’m significantly invested in the outcome.

But for want of an editor, the kingdom was lost.

(see main review to view spoilers)

Again, however, I’ll emphasize that I think this book is worth reading. For me, the key is always and forever the story. Characters, plot, and pacing are all intense. I finished this book in a mere couple of days because it was such a page-turner! I want to know how the story ends, and I will indeed be reading the next book to find out!

But let this be a lesson to indie writers. If you’re going to spend money on your book, spend it on an accredited editor. Because the sloppy editing is what prevented me from giving this book the five stars it otherwise deserves, and it’s what prevents this good book from being great.

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