Alan & Jeremy vs. Science Fiction: CL Moore’s “Shambleau” with Cat Rambo & Diane Morrison

I was so pleased to appear on an episode of Alan & Jeremy vs. Science Fiction with the awesome World Fantasy award-winner and multiple-award nominee Cat Rambo! Alan & Jeremy select a story, usually a classic in the field or something generating a lot of current buzz, and they invite a sci-fi author to read the story, then come on as a guest so they can discuss it.

We had the opportunity to read the awesome C.L. Moore’s classic story “Shambleau,” which was new to me. We had a great time and I think you would enjoy checking it out!

Or just check out the podcast in general, because if you’re a science fiction nerd, it’s like a rare and delectable wine. Nobody else I know of is doing this kind of serious (but fun, and obviously inspired by love) treatment of genre fiction and I think it’s desperately needed.

Find the episode here: Or, I posted a link to a YouTube reading of the story by the author! Or you can probably find them on your favourite podcast player.

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