Gunsmoke & Dragonfire: Kickstarter Status Report – Week 1

Howdy folks! We’re one week in to the Kickstarter campaign for Gunsmoke & Dragonfire, and this is my status report for the first week.

Status Report

We’re on target with 26% of our funding achieved, for a total of $391 CAD. Yay! I’d like to thank each and every one of our Backers so far:

  • Stephanie Barr
  • Andrew Barton
  • Zach Chapman
  • The Creative Fund
  • William DeGeest
  • Rob Easton
  • Spencer Estabrooks
  • Alexander Gudenau
  • Deb E. Johnston Holberton
  • Dawn Landry
  • James Lucas
  • Scott Maynard
  • McGhiever
  • J.I. Rogers

We really appreciate all your support! You guys are awesome!

How Else Can I Help?

You can help spread the word! If your friends and connections know you’ve supported this project, they’re more likely to support it too. Even if you’re following the project because you want to help but don’t know that you have the $ to do it, that’s okay; spreading the word, and encouraging others to support us, is a big help too!

Tell your friends and social media contacts why you have decided to support our project. Do you like weird westerns? Tell them that! Do you like supporting independent writers? Say so! Is it just that you think the cover art makes this look like a kickass book? Well, I agree with you, so let people know! People will believe in the things that you believe in, if they see you believe in them. This is my second Kickstarter project, and by far, the most support I’ve received has been from friends who see how passionate and excited I am.

(Can I just take a moment, once again, to gush about the incredible stories from such amazing writers? I’m honestly in awe of their talent! I can’t wait to share them with you.)


The incredibly talented Claire Ryan, who is also one of our authors, has taken the incredible cover art created by Aaron Siddall, and made several social media graphics to promote our campaign. Feel free to borrow them and use them on whatever social media platform you prefer to help us get the word out! If you click on the small arrows next to the Facebook, Twitter, and email icons on the main project page, you will get a short link to our campaign that you can share too, if the ones provided for Facebook and Twitter are too long. And thank you so much for every link and graphic you choose to share! We really appreciate it!

Thanks again, and we’ll continue to keep you posted!

Kickstarter Cover Size
Kickstarter Cover Size
Book Cover
Book Cover
Kindle Book Teaser
Kindle Book Teaser


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