How Do You Ask for a Blurb?

By Jennifer Brozek

Jenn2014l_300Blurbs… those short endorsements on the front and back of your novel. They are the icing on the cake of months of hard work. Sometimes, those pithy phrases are what it takes to make a sale.

For new authors, and lesser known authors, getting the right blurb for your book can make a difference. It can help the author and the novel’s reputation. More importantly, it tells people who are not familiar with you that someone else read this book and found it worthwhile. That the person the blurb is from is willing to put their name behind it.

While the dream would be to get a household name to recommend your book, the reality of the situation is that you should get blurbs from other authors in the genre you are writing in, or from authors known to read the kind of stuff you have written. The higher up the food chain you can go, the better.

Read the full article at the SFWA blog.

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