2018 Awards Eligibility Post!

Hey friends; awards season is on us again, and because no one should ever self-reject, I’d like to present some of the stuff I’ve done this year for your consideration. If anyone who is considering making nominations wants a review copy of any of these, I can provide e-copies in pdf upon request (and would be happy to do so!)  All of these works have been published in the United States, Canada, and the U.K. and elsewhere in the world in the 2018 calendar year:

The One I Think You’re Most Likely to Have Read (Short Story):

In September, Third Flatiron published my short story “The Android Graveyard” in Terra! Tara! Terror! This was my first major professional story sale, and it’s receiving excellent critical reviews, even from tough reviewers. (Genre: Science fiction)

The One You Probably Haven’t Read Yet (Novel):

In September I ran a successful Kickstarter to publish my book Once Upon a Time in the Wyrd West. It’s a collection of stories, but I suppose it could be considered a novel, in the same way that Pavane by Keith Roberts is a novel. I doubt many of you will have had a chance to read it as an indie publication, but I’ll be happy to provide review copies. (Genres: Fantasy, Horror, Science fiction – dystopia/post-apocalyptic, possibly YA)

The One I’m Sure You Haven’t Read but I’m Proud of Anyway (Novella):

In May my novella “Homefront” was published in a limited-edition book bundle called On the Horizon: Simple Worlds of Speculative Adventure (the theme being low-tech fantasy or sci-fi.) It’s out of print now, but I think this novella is one of my best, and I’d be happy to provide you with a review copy. (Genre: Fantasy – space opera)

The Ones You May Not Have Considered (Fan-Related):

This year I have taken over the helm of the SFWA YouTube channel. It’s the official channel for SFWA, so as such, it may not be eligible for any SFWA-related awards (not sure about the rules). Even if so, the individual programs I’ve created there might be, and they would certainly be eligible for other awards. I run two panel-style talk programs. One is called #ThePanel and the other is #SpecWomenChat. I bring together writers and professionals in the genre to discuss topics of interest in a free-form panel-style discussion. If you haven’t checked out an episode yet, I recommend this one and this one. (Genres: Fantasy, Science fiction, Horror, Speculative Fiction)

Perhaps you might also consider me for New Writer awards? I’m new, I’m shiny, and I’m just getting started!

Thanks for your time and consideration! If you want those review copies, please don’t hesitate to ask me in email, social media, or the comments. My only caveat is that you must be qualified to nominate to at least one award. Whether you decide my work is worthy or not is up to you! You get to keep the pdf anyway!


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