Saving Throw vs. Boredom: How RPGs Taught Me Storytelling

By Cat Rambo

Last year I returned to one of my old loves. I’d put it aside for a while: things were busy, there was never time, it took so much energy from writing efforts. And then a friend asked about it and, well . . .

I speak of tabletop role-playing games, and the empress of them all, Dungeons & Dragons. Thanks to a local bookstore, I started playing the game back when I was twelve when hadn’t appeared on public radar yet. In fact, my first RPG wasn’t even D&D, but a storytelling variant using Tarot cards that one of the bookstore owners, Ken, had invented. My character was Arren of Dörmark, a once-sheltered princess thrust out into the world in search of adventure in order to save her country. I remember those games so well; I could hardly wait each week to come back to the story.

Read the full article at Clarkesworld.

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