My Pro SFF Debut!

My story “The Android Graveyard” is live in Terra! Tara! Terror!, along with an amazing lineup of excellent authors! I gotta say, it’s quite the fangirl thrill to see my name listed in a work with Robert freakin’ Silverberg! (They secured a rare reprint.) And it’s also available in paperback now, and that paperback is really reasonably priced!
Terra! Tara! Terror! is a publication that features all three major realms of speculative fiction: science fiction (Terra), fantasy (Tara), and horror (Terror). There’s quite a lot of stories in this amazing anthology; well-worth your money, I think.
This is the first story I’ve ever had accepted in what is defined as the pro-SFF market. I realize I come across as a professional — and I think of myself that way — but most of my fiction work has been indie or small-press published. This is a bit of a milestone for me, and I’m really excited! It tells me I’m finally on my way.
And they paid all of us pro-rates, so you should support them just for that reason. 🙂
Read more about this anthology from the publisher’s website.

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