Feature Friday Futures: Wyrd West

By Eric Klein

Today we have a special treat, a holiday weekend extra interview with Diane Morrison here to tell us about her novel Once Upon a Time in the Wyrd West (part of the Wyrd West Chronicles).

Can you describe your world or setting?

The Wyrd West is a post-apocalyptic setting in which technology has become unreliable without an alchemical component, and magic and myth have returned to the world. After many years of recovery, technology has returned to about Victorian / Old West levels. As a result, myth and culture reflect this, only backed by supernatural powers. Gunslingers are a holy order of Law empowered to keep the peace and protect the common people. Their dark reflections, the Desperados, make deals with infernal powers to gain their abilities. Magic and faith of all kinds have measurable and observable effects in the world, and there are elves, gnomes, and other high fantasy races, as well as giant sentient bugs.

Read the full article at Eric Klein’s website!

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