Rethinking the Blog

Hey everyone, I’m doing an audit of my time versus return for my effort, and I’m beginning to rethink this blog.

For more than a year now, I have published something every single day. I tend to share other articles more than writing my own, but I made a commitment to post daily, and consistently, and it’s all stuff that’s related to my writing. It’s science for science fiction inspiration, or history for historical fiction, or quotes, or tips about the writing process, or book reviews.

I love all this stuff, but the point of it all is to drive focus to my writing. I post about related things because I want you to know that this is the stuff I’m working on or that inspires me.  But I’ve noticed that my writing posts — book trailers, releases, interviews, etc. — get very little actual attention by comparison.

And for me, the point of this blog is to interest a potential readership.  Because it doesn’t seem to be doing that, it’s beginning to feel like an arduous chore, especially as I try new things and take on new projects, many of which are connected to old ones.  I had several posts planned in advance at one point; now I’m beginning to fall behind.

So I guess what I’m asking is, why are you here? What are you getting out of my blog? And how can I make adjustments that meet your needs, while at the same time, meeting my own?

Failing other feedback, my current intention is to start posting once or twice a week instead of once a day, except when I have releases or other announcements to make.  These I’ll post as they come up.

Let me know your thoughts in the comments. Thanks!

2 thoughts on “Rethinking the Blog

  1. Since you’re looking for honest feedback, I’ll give it.

    I don’t read your book reviews or interviews. I really enjoy your personal writing posts, and some of the science/nature posts that you share from other sites.

    I think scaling back on the number of posts you do is probably a great idea.

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  2. Things change and evolve over time Diane. Absolutely no reason why you can’t publish fewer posts. Now you have a readership you might find they will be awaiting your words eagerly. Sometimes when I receive really regular updates and I’m pushed for tome to read I choose to be more selective anyway. I suspect this won’t decrease your readership

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