Livestreamed Readings of Homefront!

I’m offering livestreamed readings of Homefront strictly for my Patrons! $2 or up per month gets you the audio packages, which includes Mp3 audio files of my stories; and this month, that includes live readings of my new Toy Soldier Saga novella Homefront.

I will be reading one chapter per night at 8 pm Pacific time, starting Sunday, May 13, until it is finished. If you can’t make the live reading, don’t worry! It will be archived to YouTube with an unlisted link only available to my Patrons so you can watch it later!

Later, I’ll strip the audio to form the basis of an ebook, which is free to Patrons at $2 and up (and may be available for purchase elsewhere.)

Being my Patron also gets you first access to everything I publish (unless contractual obligations demand otherwise,) extras, special features, sneak peaks, access to a special fan community, and at higher levels, books and CDs and classes. And of course you get my thanks for supporting my many projects, including:

  • My fiction novels and stories
  • My Pagan non-fiction books and blogs
  • On-demand classes
  • My YouTube channel projects, including:
    • Author features
    • Original music & music videos
    • Epic music mixes
    • Vidcasts
    • Sit for a Spell Witchcraft series
    • Witchcraft instructional videos
    • Book Trailers
  • My work with SFWA YouTube

And best of all, if it’s possible to do it, you get your name in the credits!

Now is a good time to join if you haven’t already.

Homefront is available now as part of the On the Horizon Book Bundle. You can get it here or here.


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