Tidbits from a Pseudo-Medieval Kitchen

By Jeanette Ng

Well described meals can add a lot of flavour to one’s world building. I have clear memories of salivating over the banquets described in Brian Jacques’ Redwall books. Suzanne Collins’ Hunger Games has meticulously described food, especially in with each district having its own distinctive bread.

I love writing about food almost as much as I like eating it, but I confess much of my knowledge comes from my partner, who is the self proclaimed Benevolent Dictator of Serve It Forth, a catering collective specialising in medieval food. Over the years of research and practical cooking banquets, this is what I have learnt.

If you’re just here for recipes, my partner has a recently done a twitter thread of his take on some of our banquet staples here.

Read the full article at Medium.com.

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