Man Spots Dangerous ‘Square Waves’ In Ocean

By Kristi Shinfuku

The Earth can be a truly magnificent place. It’s power and its strength draw our attention and it’s power is always a reminder that this planet is not just ours. Despite all of that, sometimes, its beauty can mean something downright dangerous ahead. In the popular tourist destination of Isle of Rhe in France, which is a small island strip just 19 miles long and three miles wide, there are a specific set of waves that beautifully display the force of nature at its most powerful.

Unlike waters near other islands, the waves showcase a strange pattern in this isle. It’s strangely shaped into a square pattern, looking like a chessboard that is perfectly displayed on the surface of the ocean around this small slip of land. The resulting pattern is so mesmerizing and beautiful that tourists will go to the lighthouse to take a look at the amazing display at the highest elevation!

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