The Hated Ones: We Just Wanna Have Fun

By Bluestockings

As I settle in for a cup of tea and a good old fashion hate-watching of Fifty Shades of Grey, I’m absolutely shocked and appalled and genuinely disturbed by what’s happening in the gaming community just North of our town of Toronto. While I had no intention of getting involved, shit happens. Two years ago I got involved when asked about safety tools and making a con inclusive. Several women organizers spoke up. We were told to tone it down, we were dismissed, and we were shouted down by con attendees who hated the idea of changing their ways to accommodate a safer space.

Silenced, we women departed. Until a lovely person wrote an article about the sexism she experienced at this convention. The con organizer posted it to the group (which was awesome) and then promptly everything fell apart. The behaviours from 2016 happened again. Deleting of messages that weren’t supportive of the con. 24 hour banning of those who were saying harassment was happening. Silencing. We were beginning to give up. The organizer walked away until today, letting the group go wild in his absence.

Read the full article on Bluestocking’s Organic Gaming.

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