Promoting Your Indie Book On Twitter: A Crash Course

By Nick Younker

Indie authors have been on the scene now for years, but getting their work out there is still the biggest challenges they face in the marketplace. Even though Amazon’s Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP) gives you some options for promoting, it usually falls flat.

“Truly unnerving original horror…”

For most indie scribes, money really is an issue. Show me an author who makes a living off his/her writing and I’ll show you a card trick. The truth is, very (emphasis on very) few writers make a living off the craft.

So what can authors do to promote their books with little to no money? Social media is the golden egg here, but there are some downsides to it. Facebook used to be a good place to promote your book in their groups, but the social media network got hip to that and now suspends authors who over-post, especially in groups. Coincidentally, they will later send you messages promoting their advertising services.

In my humble and experienced opinion, the only real place to promote your book(s) for free is on Twitter. But there is a dance to be learned before you start pasting the links into your Twitter feed.

Read the full article at Fogstow Jameson Press.

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