Sword and Soul: Why Afrofuturism Matters

Afrofuturism is a cultural aesthetic encompassing film, art, music, fashion, and literature. It explores the experiences and concerns of the African Diaspora through a techno-cultural and science fictional lens. The term was coined by Mark Dery in 1993 in a series of essays.

Afrofuturism is hard to define. I’d done plenty of reading on the topic and the definitions are contradictory at best. Here is my take, and I may be wrong. Afrofuturism is a movement, a cultural movement. In a sense, it is more of an African American experience. One which explores the intersection of race and technology in interesting and compelling ways.

Nonetheless, do not take my word.  Let’s go straight to the source.

Read the full article on Ingmaralbizu.com.

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