My Work Board for 2018 (So Far)

So this is how we manage work deadlines for my writing. This is the stuff that I’m intending to write & work on up to June of this year. The pink post-its are writing deadlines, and the green post-its are deadlines for my editor. We include the submission deadline at the bottom of the editorial deadline notes (I usually allow a couple of days for final changes & submission time) and some of the writing notes. It reads from the top left down.
When we finish something, we take it off the board and move everything else up. We save everything to a cloud so we can both access it, and have a couple of different folders: “Editing” (for stuff in progress) and “Stories” (for stuff that’s finished; unless it’s part of a series, in which case it goes in the series folder.)
Of course, none of this guarantees publication.  The best way to see it all is my Patreon, because I give my Patrons first peak at everything I write as soon as it’s edited: before I publish.
Not shown in the picture is book 3 of the Toy Soldier Saga, Brothers in Arms, which I’m currently editing the first part of, and intend to finish writing by the end of the year. Realistically, that means the end of October, because of course NaNoWriMo is in November and December is usually rather busy.
Just a quick note to share some of my process with you!

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