Warts and All: Why You Should be Real With Your Readers

By Angeline Trevena

We’ve all experienced it: posting something on social media, and receiving a comment along the lines of ‘great pic, check out my profile’. Sometimes it’s painfully clear that they’ve not read your post, or even looked at the image, they’ve simply addressed you because of your hashtags and content. It’s not engaging, it’s not interesting, and it certainly doesn’t inspire you to check out their content, let alone buy their services or products.

And the reason is simple: people like to be treated as people. They like to be spoken to as a person, by a person. And you are a person, don’t let that get lost under marketing.

Read the full article at Angelina’s blog.

One thought on “Warts and All: Why You Should be Real With Your Readers

  1. I like to think I did this well. When I blog I definitely feel like I’m talking to myself in thirdnperson. Sort of like my thoughts are just spilling out of my mouth. I explain my personal views on some things and what I’m going through while trying to create a novel I’m proud of . Hahaha

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