Burnout and the Indie Writer

By Kristine Katherine Rusch


I’ve been hearing that word a lot in the writer community. It took a while for the word to penetrate. I’ve had my own things to deal with this year, and I really haven’t been looking outward as much as I usually do.

But a friend who traveled to a number of conventions this year mentioned that avoiding burnout was a topic at every single one of those conventions. We mentioned burnout at the Business Master Class briefly on one or two of the panels, mostly telling people to watch out for it, but we didn’t focus on it.

That’ll have to be a topic for next year.

Because I came perilously close to burning out in the past two years. I watched the people around me get sick or irritable or lose effectiveness, and I recognized all of that a sign of burnout in them.

Read the full article at Kris Writes.

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