My Writing Plans for 2018

Happy New Year everyone!  I figured this was a good time to lay out my writing plans for the year for the benefit of friends & fans.

To start with, some bad news: I have decided that for 2018, I will not be producing new installments in the Wyrd West Chronicles.  My reasons for this are many:

  1. First, I have found the publishing schedule, in light of my other projects, challenging.  I can manage it, but I’ve been putting off a lot of other projects I need to get done.  It’s time to get them done.
  2. Second, I have some exciting new projects that I’ve been asked to participate in for 2018, and I am for once going to make the smart decision, realize I don’t have time to do everything all at once, and give myself some room to do them.
  3. Third, while I’ve picked up some loyal fans (and I thank each and every one of you for it!) the series has not gathered traction as quickly as I hoped.  I figure I should give it some time to do that before producing anything new.
  4. One of the reasons it’s had trouble gathering traction is that the indie marketing apparatus is geared NOT to support novellas.  It wants novels.  And so I have not been able to make use of many of the most effective marketing systems out there.  If I concentrate on some novels for a while, I think it will feed back into supporting the novellas, which I love doing.
  5. I’m also trying to take a hybrid writer’s approach.  I’ve spent this year working hard to get my name out there in the indie world.  It’s time I gave my focus to traditional publishing for a while.
  6. As a working class writer, I need to be a little mercenary about my writing career, and to some degree, I have to follow the money.  Since I won’t write what I don’t want to write to please anyone, I have to make my existing projects, which I do want to write, work instead.
  7. And last, since I’m an emerging writer, I don’t want the market to get the idea that I’m a one-trick pony.  There’s lots more ideas in me, and it’s time to give them room to grow!

This is not to say that I won’t have lots of Wyrd West stuff going on!

  1. Don’t worry; the last installment in the 2017 story arc will be published as planned sometime around Imbolc (February 1) 2018; my working title is “Sundown,” and the reason why it’s taking a while is because it’s twice the length of the longest novella I’ve done for the series yet; nearly 40,000 words!  I have been struggling with it but that’s because I want to get it right.
  2. I will be producing both the print version and the audiobook version of the first six stories this year.  I expect the print edition to be available sometime between Ostara and Beltane (March 20 and May 1); please watch this space for updates!  I expect the audiobook to be available sometime in the late summer.  Again, more info will become available as the work continues.
  3. I’m sure I’ll be writing new stories this year anyway; I’m just not intending to publish them this year.  It’s not like I don’t know where the story is going next; there’s still lots more to come!  Regular publication of the serial should resume at the Spring Equinox (March 20ish) 2019.

So what am I going to be doing this year?

  1. I am finally going to make a concerted effort to get the Toy Soldier Saga done!  I have submitted the first book to a publisher and am waiting to hear back.  If I don’t, I’ll send it to another one I have in mind.  If I don’t, I’ll send it to a third one.  After that I’ll publish it myself.  I’m going to finish all the edits, and I’m going to finish writing the first draft of at least Brothers in Arms (Mr. Midshipman Sunfall and A Few Good Elves are already done).  For those who are new to the party, the Toy Soldier Saga is a fantasy space opera.  It reads like a combination of space opera and Age of Sail adventure, except all the space travel and the like is accomplished through magic.  Picture Treasure Planet!  It’s also a war story and it deals with racism, PTSD, and how we treat our veterans.  There’s intrigue, action, and politics.  I think you’ll love it.
  2. I am going to produce work for the numerous anthologies I’ve been invited to participate in.  There’s a few.  The biggest news in that department is the On the Horizon boxed set.  I’m probably going to give them a collection of Wyrd West stories for that.  I was going to give them Mr. Midshipman Sunfall but have chosen a different direction for the Toy Soldier series.  However, regardless of what I produce, it needs to be a full novel length work, and that is likely to take a fair bit of my time.  There’s other anthologies and collections too.  There’s a space opera anthology coming out later this year that I’m excited about, for example (more details TBA.)
  3. I’m hoping to hear back from some submissions I’ve made, and if/when I do, I expect a lot of this year will be spent editing.
  4. I’m going to write and submit stuff to some professional SFF markets.
  5. Last, since I’ve been asked to help Cat Rambo manage & produce content for the official SFWA YouTube channel, I will be putting a lot of my efforts into that!  Here’s the Twitter thread I started about it if you want to know more or get involved.

That’s it for now!  I guess it all looks somewhat ambitious when you write it all out, but why not? I’ve gotten a lot accomplished this year and I’m ready to tackle 2018! Thank you, as always, for your support.

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