A Small List of Large Characters: Fat Representation in SFF

Just to note: size representation is a big deal to me. I am an ex-anorexic/bulimic.  Thank you to Ms. Jackson for this great article.  Please share any good fat characters you can in the comments on the article, where people will read it!  Image above is fan art for Miles and his somewhat-larger brother, Mark Vorkosigan, from one of my favourite space opera series, the Vorkosigan Saga, by Lois McMaster Bujold.

By Jessi Cole Jackson

Before delving in, I want to recognize that for many (myself included) fat is a loaded term, with years of abuse attached to it. I use it because it’s not twee or gendered and it does not reduce identity to a specific set of numbers. Also because I want to take it back from bigots and bullies.

As a child, I never saw myself in books. Yes, there were plenty with nerdy, bookish girls, but these were not my primary self-identifier. I was a fat girl first and foremost, and fat girls didn’t exist in the stories I read.

Except one.

Read the full article at SFWA.org.

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