My Publishing Year in Review

This year was my year for being stubborn.  Frustrated with my inability to find a home for my Weird Western novelette, in part I assume because of its unusual size, in part because of its unusual subject matter, I decided to publish it myself, and proceed with the Wyrd West Chronicles serial idea I had.  The Wyrd West Chronicles are a Weird Western/cattlepunk/post-apocalyptic Western with high fantasy elements.  I’ve published at least one something about every two months in the series:

In sequential order

An excerpt from Showdown was also published in (SciFan Magazine Issue 7, July 1, 2017)

I also tried to enter the Kindle Storyteller competition, but had last minute issues with the print publication working out, and thus did not make the deadline (apparently; still a little sore about this).  So I published both a print and Kindle edition of Food on Their Table, a medical thriller/dystopian/cli-fi horror (14,700 words):

I also published a couple of pieces in my long-awaited Toy Soldier Saga in small press markets.  The Toy Soldier Saga is a fantasy space opera/military SFF.  “Eye of the Storm” is also a planetary romance:

By the time the fifth Wyrd West Chronicles installment is published later this month, I’ll have published about 96,000 words of my writing this year (this does not represent what I’ve written; there’s a lot more stuff I’m still waiting to hear back about, and things that aren’t finished yet!)

Still no novels published; that’s a goal for next year.

Just in case anyone is considering nominating me for an award (hey, I can dream, right?): all my work, except for the small press publications (Toy Soldier Saga,) is registered with the Library and Archives of Canada, who issued their ISBNs (and they all have them, even the ebooks,) so they all count as being published in Canada.  And because most major US competitions count ebooks as having been published in the United States, they would all qualify under that condition as well.  Food on Their Table was specifically published for the Amazon UK Storyteller competition, so it was also officially published in the United Kingdom. However, “Survivor” and “Eye of the Storm” were both published in American publications only.  And by anybody’s standards, I think I count as a new or emerging writer!

Thanks for all your support this year!  I’ve enjoyed devoting this year entirely to my career as a writer.  Next year’s going to be even better!

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