New Release: Way of the Gun (Wyrd West Chronicles #4)

It’s a month overdue, but it’s finally here! Wyrd West Chronicles #4 is available at Amazon at this link!

Tomorrow I’ll be trying something new; there will be an author takeover event on Twitter! Starting late morning PDT @SableAradia.

Here’s the trailer:

Way of the Gun (Wyrd West Chronicles #4)Way of the Gun by Diane Morrison

This is the fourth novella in a serial I’m writing that’s geared primarily for e-platforms. Publication schedule will include one every two months, with a print collection intended for once a year with all of that year’s stories included.

What is a serial? A serial is a series of stories published sequentially. In many cases they would end with cliffhangers that would encourage you to get the next one. I don’t end things on cliffhangers, but they are designed to be read sequentially and continue more or less where the last one left off. Each is a complete story in and of itself, and each year’s stories will have a consistent story arc between them.

In this installment of the Wyrd West Chronicles, the ladies finally get a chance to shine! It’s probably the most “Western” of the series, with very little that relies on magic and fantasy, except the intelligence of the horses.

The Wyrd West Chronicles are a genre-bender and a mixture of a lot of things, so they’re not likely to be for everybody. In essence, it’s what happens when a high fantasy meets a Western, set in a post-apocalyptic magical world that’s a little bit steampunk (or cattlepunk, if you’re familiar with that term). I guess the closest description of its genre is Weird West, where Western meets the supernatural. However, the supernatural element in Weird Westerns tends to be geared towards horror; vampires and zombies and the like. Mine is more like Tolkien meets Tombstone.

I think, however, that you could still legitimately call it a Western. The themes are based in Western themes; standing up for what you believe is right, rugged individualism, determined survivalists; that kind of thing. A dedicated Western fan will recognize a lot of tropes that they know and love (without the stereotypes, I hope; though that may not be evident right away.) This is a mythic West. Yet, all the tropes that remain exist for a reason that I think is consistent within the world I’ve constructed. Firefly fans might appreciate what I’m trying to do.

The setting is a post-apocalyptic Canadian West which has an American Midwestern presence. What was the Cataclysm that I speak of in the book? Why are things the way they are in this world? Don’t worry, I will explain all that; just not right away. 😉

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