Writing – As Explained by Firefly Part 2

C.M. Banschbach


So recently I shared my first Firefly inspired post again and it got a good bit of buzz! It also got me thinking and partially due to all the other Firefly giffery that was shared in comments and replies, I was reminded of many other awesome quotes. And a large part of it was procrastination for real life things. But seriously, there’s nothing for inspiration like lying in bed trying to delay going to a staff meeting.

So partially as a thank you, and also because Firefly is awesome and 100% applicable to everything, here’s part 2! 🙂

All gifs are from giphy.com

Trying to decide your villain’s final fate after he almost destroys your heroes…

When your character is trying to convince you NOT to injure them for the 5th time that chapter…

Where your readers are convinced you’re going after that cliffhanger…

When your characters are tired of…

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