Why You Should Post More Cat Memes



First and foremost, because I really enjoy them floating past my social-media feed.

Everything further down from here is pure conjecture.

If you’ve been around on social media, especially if you are a beginning author still building up your fan base, you’re probably wondering how to get noticed. The following are ideas about what might help you.

WAAAAIIIIT. I didn’t get to the point yet, don’t just rush off to post a cat meme.

First, let’s dispense with the obvious. Unless you’re Stephen King, don’t – ever – drop a “buy my book” kind of link. Social media is for social interactions, not for advertising. Just place yourself in the eyes of the person scrolling past your post. Would you stop what you’re doing, click that links, and rush to buy the book? Didn’t think so.

Second is a corollary. Don’t be an asshole. In other words, be nice. Provide value…

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