So You Want to Read . . . Sci-Fi/Fantasy

I don’t entirely agree with their subgenre examples and definitions.  If anyone thinks that The Death of Grass or Earth Abides are “Cozy Catastrophes,” then they clearly have not read the books or don’t grasp them at all.  Still, it’s a good list of some of the classics of SFF.

By Haley Larson

Science fiction and fantasy have never been straightforward genres. They encompass any number of weird, obscure, and wildly imaginative works of fiction, which is why it feels constraining to have only two categories for all these tales. That’s why we’re drilling down into th12e subgenres: to give you a starting point for venturing beyond the broad definitions of SF/F. These reading guides are by no means exhaustive — if you have suggestions, please add them in the comments! Check back on this page as we continue to dive deeper into the wide, weird world of sci-fi and fantasy subgenres.

Read the full article at Unbound Worlds.

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