Comprise vs. Compose

I often mess this one up; don’t you?


[We must all strive for perfection. @Giraffedata, you know who you are.]

Grammar Stickler Banishes
comprised of From Wikipedia

When I came across an online story headlined “One
Man’s Quest to Rid Wikipedia of Exactly One Grammatical Mistake,” I of course had to find out who this fellow grammar stickler was and which error had become his obsession.

A software engineer writing as Giraffedata, this stickler edits Wikipedia reports for the incorrect use of comprise.
claims to have made 47,000 corrections since 2007.

I’d had comprise vs. compose on my list of potential topics
for years, but so many people use comprised of incorrectly that I’d considered it a lost cause.

Here are examples of comprise as well as words with similar meanings.

Comprise means to contain, to include, to consist of:

  • Congress comprises 435 representatives.
  • His car collection comprises eight Model T Fords.
  • The committee comprises six women…

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