Warfighter: Hoth

I *love* this Warfighter series; learn all about your favourite battles in fandom if they were planned and fought realistically. Today the Angry Staff Sergeant GRILLS the Battle of Hoth!

The Angry Staff Officer

Strap yourselves in, folks, it’s time to ruin yet another timely classic by giving it the old “analyze it to death” treatment. And this time, we’re going back a ways. A long time ago, to be exact, in a galaxy far, far away. More precisely, we’re going to the ice planet of Hoth.

If you’ve followed me for any period of time on Twitter, you’ll know that in addition to my predilection for alcohol made from juniper berries, I am also a staunch believer that the Rebels could have easily won the battle for Hoth. The battle is – at its heart – a classic defensive scenario. And with the addition of just a little common sense, some overlays, application of the warfighting functions, and a dash of combat engineer acumen, the engagement could have been a complete and total Rebel victory.

And as a warning, you will never be…

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