30 Days, 30 Authors


Over the next 30 Days, I will be participating in a challenge!  30 authors have joined forces to tell our readers a bit more about ourselves and each other.  You’ll find different posts about different subjects here (not all spam about my books, don’t worry!) and on all my social media accounts (see the link in the sidebar).  As part of this process, I’ll be going live for at least a few minutes every day on my Facebook author page, though the time of day will vary.

Some of it is going to be a bit outside my comfort zone, in that I’ll be sharing more personal info online than I’m used to sharing.  I tend to be a very private person so this is going to take some work from me.

Within that group, I’m working within a smaller group of half a dozen authors (all of us speculative fiction writers of some variety).  We’re Group A, so naturally we’re calling ourselves The A Team, and you’ll probably see a lot of posts about The A Team over the course of the next 30 days!

Today I’m supposed to post a FB post about a) something I love and why, b) my Work in Progress, and c) what I’ve learned about this whole process.  Seems odd, but it’s a list of 30 days of activities and I was, of course, the last one on the list, so I start with the Day 30 activities.  So I’ll post the other two directly on my page, but perhaps instead of posting about what I’ve learned, I’ll post about what I hope to learn:

I am looking to network with other writers in similar fields to my own and I hope to learn better ways to do that.  I hope to learn more about effective use of social media, and about navigating the internet in general.  Most importantly, I am hoping to find a better way to connect with my readers than throwing internet spam into the void.

I’m going to be spending a lot of time online, so this is a good time to interact with me and ask me questions or make suggestions.  What would you like to see over the course of the month?  Is there a particular project I’m doing that you’d like to hear more about?  Let me know in the comments!

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