Is the Brain Multi-dimensional?

Physics and Art

Neuroscientists have discovered that the brain contains multi-dimensional geometric structures, up to 11 dimensions. The scientists are talking about algebraic topology, and how it describes neurons connecting into ‘cliques’, and that the description requires higher-dimensional geometric objects. This is a mathematical concept, and they are not claiming to have measured higher dimensional space-time objects (after all, how would they have done that?).

However, this brings up something very interesting. Although their description is a mathematical topology that can be described in ordinary space-time (3 spatial and 1 time dimensions), it can result more naturally in a higher dimensional space-time. This may seem academic, until you consider that the canonical description of space-time in M-Theory (or string theory) is eleven dimensional (ordinary space-time plus 7 ‘curled’ dimensions). For those unfamiliar, M-Theory is currently the best candidate for a unified field theory to describe the universe.

So turn this around. If M-Theory is…

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