5 Years Away from Lab-Grown Meat

I am ready for the vat-meat!  I tried to be a vegetarian several years ago because I strongly disapprove of the way we treat animals in the industrial farming industry, but with gluten sensitivities and lactose intolerance I just couldn’t make it work.  Not on my budget, anyway.

I think it would be a marvelous thing for us to grow meat in a vat, spawned from stem cells just like in the womb or the egg, with no nerve cells and therefore, no necessity of bringing harm to another living creature.  That would be awesome!

Not to mention how much better for our planet it would be.  And how much healthier for us, with so many less additional hormones and antibiotics being ingested. I can see potential problems that I think they’ll have to solve, like maybe we won’t get enough trace minerals and vitamins or natural microbes to build our resistances with that way, and those issues, whatever they are, will have to be addressed.

A lot of people seem uncomfortable with the idea, but I think this stems from either misunderstanding or disapproval of the technology.  But growing vat-meat might potentially resolve many of our world hunger issues and make the settlement of space truly possible, so I say bring it on!  What do you think?


The concept of lab-grown meat isn’t new, and several companies are hoping to perfect the process. Memphis Meats is developing a way to create meat without slaughtering animals, Tyson Foods has launched a venture capital fund investing in the future of meatless meat, and Mosa Meat hopes to serve the first lab-made burger in just five years.
But the challenge isn’t necessarily creating the best looking and tasting meatless alternative — it’s pulling down the cost of production so that consumers will see it as a viable alternative to the real thing.

Read the full article at Futurism.

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