Two New Releases!

Food on Their Table (Dystopian Horror / Medical Thriller)

The Habitat is the last bastion of humanity in a world destroyed by war and climate change. All aspects of life are tightly stratified and controlled, from what people read to what they eat. Every human being is also a resource, assigned to tasks that best suit their capabilities in the eyes of the Hegemony. It has to be this way, to manage desperately limited resources.

Paul Rand’s parents once dreamed of a better world, but he has been alone for a long time now, and he has never known any other life. Now he is about to turn sixteen, and he is due for his Assessment, which will determine the course of his future. He is about to come face-to-face with some of the Habitat’s deepest secrets, and its darkest horrors. They are worse than he can possibly imagine.

Entry for the Kindle Storyteller UK competition 2017.

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Vice & Virtue (Epic Fantasy / Western “Weird West”)

Pete Woodhouse doesn’t like to get involved. Too many complications, too dangerous to his person. But when the young half-elven Gunslinger who just saved his town finds himself standing alone against a gang of killers and slavers, the goads of Pete’s conscience might just be too much to ignore. Will he finally find himself putting his skills as an alchemist and inventor — and his prosthetic pneumatic shotgun — to work for the cause of Light?

Welcome to the Wyrd West, the world next door, where Western meets high fantasy, apocalyptica and a dash of steampunk. This novelette serial will be published bimonthly in e-format, with collections published in print format once a year.

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